The following review is by Mark Duffield, author of The Last Shepherd and Tales of the Tenth Ornament and As I Recall: Fireflies in the Night.

I have just finished reading Beyond Wallerscote Manor   by Gilbert J. Littler, a book/memoir that examines and explores the  Littler family and their origins in Cheshire, England some eight  centuries ago.

Part chronicler, historian and detective, Mr. Littler peels away the pages  of his past to reveal an ancestry rich in historical setting and  composition and populated with characters that any of us might recognize  as members of our own family trees. From land-owners of a manor  to servants to dairymaids, shoemakers, wheelwrights, teachers, farmers,  railway men and porters, Littler's family tree has many fascinating  branches, even a scoundrel or two.

In  reading Mr. Littler's absorbing account of his own heritage we are  instantly drawn to the idea of perhaps digging deeper into our own  history in the anticipation of uncovering similar treasures of antiquity  as Mr. Littler. Beyond Wallerscote Manor is not only a fascinating read it also provides a blueprint on how we can and should make the same journey into our past.